• 4 meter carousel


  • 5 meter carousel


  • 5,5 meter carousel

    “Alphonse Mucha”

  • 6 meter Carousel


  • 6 meter carousel


  • 7 meter carousel

    “Júlio Vernes”

Carousels renting / Jubilo service

Jubilo are specialists in carousels rentals & other fair equipment.  We offer a complete and comprehensive range of packages for your events. We provide you with a professional team; responsible for the transport, setting up, maintenance,, insurance, technical assistance and animating of the merry-go-rounds… all ensuring you a smooth run.Our Jubilo carousels are authentic replicas of 1900’s models; bringing to you the art and charm of the early last century. They are all built and adapted to European, safety standards.

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